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What is GoldPro?

  • GoldPro is a specially developed online physical gold trading platform by Central Precious Metals to benefit and convenient our trade partners.

  • Central Precious Metals trade partners using GoldPro includes pawnshops, goldsmiths, gold wholesalers.

What are the benefits of using GoldPro?

  • GoldPro allow our trade partners to trade physical gold within and beyond local trading hours.

  • GoldPro allow our trade partners to have 100% control to buy and/or sell physical gold at the most competitive rate they want, anywhere, anytime.

How to use GoldPro?

  • GoldPro can be use on any computer, mobile or tablets devices as long as there is an internet connection.

  • Goldpro will be made available to our trade partners at no additional cost.

Schedule for a GoldPro demonstration / Apply for GoldPro Account

Contact: Heng Wei Quan, Sales & Operation Manager


Contact: +65 6532 6683

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About GoldPro: Image
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